General Description

The Shure Model 596LB is a compact, hand-held dynamic, low-impedance communications microphone with a 200 to 5,000 Hz frequency response. Designed especially for voice communications use, it is an economical unit for applications in budget-restricted paging and other installations. The microphone is compatible with many popular paging amplifier inputs. Its tailored frequency response provides clear, intelligible operation. The ARMO-DUR® case is small, light and sturdy, and fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. It has a long-life push-to-talk switch, and a durable coiled cable for years of reliable performance. The 596LB has a low-impedance output.

The 596LB is furnished with a sturdy mounting bracket for permanent installation.


  • Omnidirectional pickup pattern for optimum off-axis operation
  • Frequency response from 200 to 5,000 Hz, tailored for voice communications
  • Economical-the perfect choice for modest paging installations
  • Rugged and dependable under most operating conditions
  • Silver-plated switch contacts for long-term low contact resistance and reliable performance
  • Long-life vinyl-jacketed coil-cord for years of trouble-free operation
  • Output impedance matches most paging amplifier inputs
  • Virtually indestructible ARMO-DUR case
  • Sturdy, convenient mounting button for attaching to equipment or nearby surface using supplied mounting bracket


The 596LB is provided with a rear-case hang-up button for use with a mounting bracket on or near associated equipment. The bracket has mounting holes with clearance for No. 6 or No. 8 screws (not supplied).


The internal switch connections of the 596LB are shown in Figure 1. The 596LB has a four-conductor, coiled-cord cable (two conductors shielded) and a double-pole, double-throw, push-button switch to control the microphone circuit and an external relay or switching circuit. The RED and BLACK unshielded leads control the relay or switching circuit. Refer to the following tables and to the wiring diagram below.

Unbalanced White Audio Pin 2 Tip
Green Audio Ground Pin 3 Sleeve
Shield Chassis Ground Pin 1 Sleeve
Balanced White Audio + Pin 2 Tip
Green Audio - Pin 3 Ring
Shield Chassis Ground Pin 1 Sleeve

Wiring Diagram

The 596LB can be wired for balanced-line operation and is recommended for use where long cable lengths are required, or conditions where severe hum pickup may exist. The 596LB can be fed directly into a standard low-impedance amplifier input, or a Shure A95 Series Line Matching Transformer (at the equipment end of the cable) can be used for coupling the 596LB to the input of a high-impedance amplifier. A two-conductor shielded cable can be used for extending only the microphone circuit. If both the microphone and the remote circuit are to be extended, a four-conductor with two shielded conductors should be used.

The microphone circuit of the 596LB is normally open when the microphone switch button is not depressed.


The 596LB will operate satisfactorily under most conditions of humidity, heat and cold. Dropping the microphone or other severe mechanical shocks should be avoided.



Dynamic (moving coil)

Frequency Response

200 to 5,000 Hz

Polar Pattern



at 1 kHz

400 Ω

Output Level

at 1 kHz

-33 dB ±3.0 dB

Hum Pickup

36 dB maximum equivalent SPL per 1 mOe electromagnetic field

Environmental Conditions

Operating Temperature -40° to 74° C (-40° to 165° F)
Storage Temperature -54° to 85° C (-65° to 185° F)
Relative Humidity 0° to 95°% (non-condensing)


Double-pole, double-throw, Push-to-Talk, normally open


1.5 m (5 ft) extended length, 4-conductor (2 shielded), vinyl-jacketed coil-cord


Case Black textured high-impact ARMO-DUR

Net Weight

248 g (8.68 oz.) with cable



Optional Accessories

Hang-Up Brackets for Handheld Microphones (Contains Three)


Replacement Parts

For additional service or parts information, please contact Shure's Service department at 1-800-516-2525. Outside the United States, please contact your authorized Shure Service Center.


This product meets the Essential Requirements of all relevant European directives and is eligible for CE marking.

The CE Declaration of Conformity can be obtained from:

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