General Description

The A15LA is a 50 dB attenuator. Use it to connect a line-level or aux-level output from devices such as mixers, tape recorders, and CD players to a mic-level input.

The A15LA input can be connected to either a balanced output or an unbalanced output. If the output is unbalanced, connect the audio “hot” lead to pin 2 of the A15LA and connect the audio ground lead to pin 1 of the A15LA. Make no connection to pin 3 of the A15LA. Refer to the following diagram.

A15LA Wiring Diagram


Frequency Response

20 to 20,000 Hz±0.5 dB


Input 100 kΩ
Output 300 Ω


50 dB

Maximum Input Level

40 dBV


Input 3-socket female XLR
Output 3-pin male XLR


Full magnetic shield, steel with gray enamel finish


19 mm (.75in.)diameter; 114 mm (4.5in.) long