General Description

The Shure Model A88SM Microphone Isolation Mount provides exceptional freedom from mechanically transmitted noise. Its highly effective Shock-Stopper™ half-mount isolators and secure cable locking device eliminates most noise associated with stands, booms, and cable movement. Designed expressly for Shure’s VP88 MS Stereo Condenser Microphone, the A88SM can also be used with any microphone with a handle diameter of approximately 27 mm (1 1/16 in.).

As supplied, the mount contains a locking “foot”-type slide-in mount for instant attachment to most ENG cameras with a mounting “shoe.” A simple twist knob provides positive-locking vertical angle adjustment. A simple modification allows attachment to most 5/8”–27 or 3/8”–16 threaded microphone stands and booms.

In addition to the foot-type slide-in mount, the following are provided:

  • Threaded adapter (4) to convert the swivel’s 5/8”-27 thread to a 5/16”-18 thread.
  • Screw-type camera adapter (5) permits mounting to cameras with 1/4”-20 tapped mounting holes instead of mounting shoes.
  • Pistol grip adapter (6) allows the A88SM to be used with several popular microphone pistol grips.

Attaching to a Camera

The A88SM is attached to most shoe-mount ENG cameras by inserting the flat slide of the foot (1) in the camera's top- or side- mount shoe and securing it with the knurled locking nut. Snap the microphone handle into the A88SM as shown in the photo, making certain the microphone is properly balanced. Adjust the vertical angle using the knob (2).

If the A88SM is to be mounted on a camera with a ¼" - 20 thread mounting hold instead of a mounting shoe, insert the supplied screw-type camera adapter (5) in the hole and secure it with the knurled locking nut.

Securing the Cable

Before attaching the microphone cable, slip a loop of it through the slot in the A88SM and hook the loop over the protruding disc and post (see Figure 2). Pull the loop tight against the post. Leaving a small amount of slack in the cable, connect it to the microphone. Note that the slot and post are sufficiently large to accommodate the two-cable "Y splitter" of the Shure VP88.

Attaching to a Boom or Stand

Remove the foot-type mount (1) from the A88SM frame by unscrewing the knob (2). Insert the swivel (3), replace the knob, and tighten securely. Attach the swivel to any 5/8"-27 or 3/8"-16 thread microphone boom or stand, or to any 5/16"-18 thread boom or stand using the supplied adapter (4). Use the adjustment knob to position the A88SM in the desired direction. Insert the microphone and secure and attach the cable as described above.

Pistol Grip Attachment

To use the A88SM with certain popular pistol grips such as those made by Rycote and Sennheiser, remove the foot mount (1) from the A88SM frame by removing the knob (2) and sliding the foot mount out of the frame. Four aluminum washers are supplied with the A88SM. Insert the pistol grip adapter (6) with the two thin washers in the frame slot (see Figure 3), replace the knob, and tighten it securely. Insert the pistol grip adapter in the Rycote pistol grip frame and tighten it securely. If a Sennheiser pistol grip is to be used, insert the pistol grip adapter in the pistol grip with both thick aluminum washers. Then tighten the pistol grip locking screw.