Adapter Kit

General Description

The volume control provides you with audio control when you are connecting earphones to airplane seat outputs. It is intended only for airline use. It is not intended for use with other audio sources.

Adapter kit includes:

Volume control

ΒΌ" - 1/8" (6.3mm - 3.5mm) adapter for use with head phone jacks.

Airline Adapter - For use with dual-pin in-flight entertainment systems.

To use the Volume Control:

  1. Connect the 1/8-inch jack on the earphones to the female jack on the volume control.
  2. Turn the volume control down completely (toward -).
  3. Connect the volume control to the 1/8-inch audio output of the airplane seat.
  4. Insert the earphones in your ears.
  5. Turn the volume on the volume control up slightly (toward +).
  6. Adjust the seat volume as follows:
  • If the audio is distorted, turn down the volume at the seat.
  • If there is no distortion, but there is background noise, turn up the seat volume.
  • Adjust the sound to a comfortable level.
  • the program may be interrupted by messages from the pilot that are much louder. To avoid discomfort, keep the overall volume just loud enough for listening enjoyment.

    Using this device at excessive volumes can cause permanent hearing damage. Use the lowest volume level possible.

    This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

    Adapter kit includes: