General Description

The PS9 takes the place of a 9V battery, allowing you to connect a PS4􀀕 AC adaptor to the following Shure bodypack receivers and transmitters:

  • P2R
  • P4R
  • P4HW
  • T1
  • T1G
  • LX1
  • UT1
  • ULX1
  • MX1BP

The PS9 also works with the VP3 camera-mount receiver.

To install the PS9:

  1. Turn off the bodypack.
  2. Open the battery door and remove the 9V battery.
  3. Remove the battery door as follows: with the battery door flipped open, grip its base by the edges and squeeze firmly while twisting and pulling it out.
  4. Insert the flexible door as follows: dock one of the pegs at the base of the door into the side of the battery compartment, as shown in Figure one. Then firmly squeeze the bottom edges of the door together while twisting it and pressing in.
  5. Once this door is installed it is not necessary to change back to the original door in order to use a 9V battery.

  6. Insert the PS9 into the battery compartment, observing proper polarity.
  7. Close the flexible door, lifting the rubber plug to allow the threaded DC connector to extend outward.
  8. Attach the PS42 locking connector to the PS9 threaded DC connector, as shown in Figure two.
  9. Plug the PS42 into a power source.
  10. Turn the bodypack on and confirm that it is working.
  11. Do not attach a 9V battery to the PS9. It is not a battery charger and this may damage the PS9.

Figure 1

To use a 9V battery in place of the PS9:

  1. Turn off the bodypack.
  2. Disconnect the PS42 from the PS9 threaded DC connector.
  3. Open the flexible door and remove the PS9.
  4. Insert the 9V battery, observing proper polarity.
  5. Flip the rubber plug shut and close the door.

Figure 2



1215 V


9 V at 100 mA


Furnished Accessories

PS9 Battery Eliminator 90A4794
Power Supply PS42_PS42E_PS42UK
Flexible Door Assembly 90A4796
Replacement Battery Door 90A4797