General Description

The R136 is a dynamic microphone replacement cartridge for Shure model SM48 and 587SB microphones.

Installation and Connections

To install the R136, proceed as follows:

  1. Holding the microphone upright in a vertical or near vertical position, remove the screen assembly. Grasp the cartridge case firmly and remove cartridge assembly from the microphone (see Figure 1).
  2. Note lead colors and cartridge terminal coding, as these will be necessary when soldering the replacement cartridge. Unsolder leads from the old cartridge terminals.
  3. Connect leads to the replacement cartridge observing lead color and terminal coding from step 2.
  4. For microphones with three leads connected to the old cartridge, before soldering leads to the R136, place the supplied solder terminal and hex nut over the center screw at the rear of the R136. Position the terminal away from the other solder terminals, and carefully tighten the hex nut (see Figure 2). Solder the microphone’s black lead to this terminal.

  5. Insert new cartridge in microphone case. Make certain that projection on bottom of shock-mount seats firmly in notches in case, and that shock-mount is centered in case and does not catch on the side of the case.
  6. Reassemble screen.

Figure 1: Cartridge Assembly

Figure 2: Cartridge Solder Terminal