Figure 1 (Steps 1-4)

  1. Remove grille (A) by unscrewing counterclockwise.
  2. Lower set screw (B) by turning counterclockwise.
  3. Using long-nose pliers, grip pin connector (C) in bottom of microphone and pull out.
  4. With microphone in a secure position, de-solder wires from pin connector (C) using a soldering iron.

  5. Remove bottom of handle (E) by unscrewing counterclockwise.
  6. Pull cartridge (F) and wires out of casing (G).
  7. Remove rubber plug element (H) from casing, using caution not to damage rubber plug element.


Figure 3 (Step 1)

  1. Insert replacement cartridge (I) into casing (G).

    Extreme care should be taken not to damage humbucking coil (J) by scraping against casing. Replace grille (A) by screwing on clockwise.

    Figure 4 (Steps 2-6)

  2. Gently twist wires together. Thread wires through rubber plug element (H), and insert rubber plug element back into casing (G), inserting cartridge end (K) completely through center hole of rubber plug element.

    Rubber plug element should only be inserted into casing with recessed side facing cartridge.

  3. Thread wires through bottom of handle and reattach bottom of handle by screwing on clockwise.

    If replacing cartridge in model SM63, wires should be trimmed and stripped so they are approximately one inch longer than assembled handle. No trimming is required for use with models SM63L or SM63LB.

  4. Solder wires to pin connector, following the wiring diagram (Figure 5). Solder the wire attached to the hum-bucking coil last.
  5. Insert pin connector (C) into bottom of microphone, making sure no wires are caught between bottom of handle and pin connector, as they can break if pinched.
  6. Raise set screw (B) to secure pin connector to handle.

    Figure 5