General Description

The Model R199 is a direct replacement cartridge for Shure VP64A and VP64AL Microphones.

Removing Cartridge from VP64A and VP64AL

  1. Remove cartridge housing ring (A) by unscrewing counterclockwise.
  2. Remove cartridge (B) from casing (C), being careful not to break wires.
  3. If wires (D) are twisted, carefully untwist by turning cartridge.
  4. Clip wires just below rubber sleeve (E) on cartridge, so maximum length of wire remains attached to handle. Carefully pull wires through rubber isolation mount (F). Strip wires , exposing 6 mm (1/4 inch) at end of wire.


Installing Replacement Cartridge

  1. Prepare replacement cartridge by cutting wires (H) 2.5 mm (1 inch) below the bottom of the cartridge. Strip wires 6 mm (1/4 inch) from ends.
  2. Place shrink tubing (I) on wires extending from casing.
  3. Identify pin 3 of the 3-pin audio connector by the markings next to pins on the bottom of the handle (G). Using an ohm meter, identify which of the two wires (D) is connected to pin 3. Mark wire with a discernable marker. Do not disassemble handle.
  4. Solder coded wire of replacement cartridge to marked wire from pin 3, and uncoded wire to unmarked wire. Pull shrink tubing over solder connections and shrink by carefully applying soldering iron to shrink tubing.
  5. Note: It is important not to damage the acoustical resistance cloth (J) on the bottom of the replacement cartridge while using soldering iron.

  6. Carefully re-twist wires, and place excess in casing. Place replacement cartridge into casing, being careful not to pinch wire between the cartridge and the casing, as this can break the wire. Replace cartridge housing ring (A) by screwing on clockwise.