General Description

Model R90 Replacement Cartridge for Model 562 Microphone


To replace the cartridge, proceed as follows:

  1. Insert a No. 4 (.050 in.) hex wrench into set screws in case (see Figure 1), and turn clockwise (inward) just enough to loosen the grille-cap. Be careful not to turn the screws all the way into the case.
  2. Remove the grille-cap, front screen, front pad, and the two rubber washers.
  3. Carefully withdraw the cartridge from the case, and remove the side screen, and the side pad, exposing soldered and taped connections.
  4. Remove tape from soldered connections on the bottom (not the side) of the old cartridge and retain for use on the new cartridge. If tape is missing or damaged, any suitable electrical tape may be used for step 7.
  5. Carefully unsolder the three leads attached to the old cartridge.
  6. Carefully solder the three leads to the new cartridge (see Figure 2).
  7. Place tape over the black and white lead solder connections of the new cartridge.
  8. Wrap the side pad and side screen around new cartridge.
  9. Insert new cartridge in case; twisting cartridge slightly to avoid pinching leads between cartridge and case.
  10. Replace the rubber washers, front pad and front screen, and slip grille into place. Align holes in the grille with setscrews in the case.
  11. Insert hex wrench in set screws and turn counterclockwise (outward) to lock grille, being careful not to turn the screws all the way out of the case.