Model R99 Cartridge


To replace the cartridge:

  1. Unscrew grille assembly by turning it counterclockwise from top (see Exploded View diagram).
  2. Gently tap rear of case until cartridge emerges from case. Withdraw cartridge until terminals are visible.
  3. Using low-wattage soldering iron (50W or less), unsolder red and black leads connected to cartridge.
  4. Unplug shield connector (eyelet) from spring socket.
  5. Carefully solder red and black leads to terminals of replacement cartridge.
  6. Important: Solder lead connections to unused foil area of terminals. Do not disturb previously soldered areas of terminals. See internal connections diagram for proper lead connections.

  7. Connect shield (eyelet) to spring socket of replacement cartridge.
  8. Carefully place replacement cartridge in case, twisting cartridge prior to insertion to avoid pinching leads. Be sure to align key on cartridge with keyway in case.
  9. Replace grille assembly by screwing on clockwise from top.



This Shure product is guaranteed in normal use to be free from electrical and mechanical defects for a period of one year from date of purchase. Please retain proof of purchase date. This guarantee includes all parts and labor. This guarantee is in lieu of any and all other guarantees or warranties, express or implied, and there shall be no recovery for any consequential or incidental damages.

Shipping Instructions

Carefully repack the unit and return it prepaid to the factory. If outside the United States, return the unit to your dealer or Authorized Shure Service Center for repair. The unit will be returned to you prepaid.