The RK100PK and RK100PKW preamp comes assembled for use with microphones using a miniature 4-pin connector. To wire a microphone cable directly to the preamp, follow these instructions:

  1. Turn screw (A) counter-clockwise until it recedes below the case.
  2. Remove the cap (C) by removing the set screw (B) with the provided hex wrench (.05 in.).
  3. Push the circuit board out from the case interior to expose the black and red wires (D).
  4. Unsolder the wires from the circuit board (E).
  5. Insert the rubber flex relief (G) into the cap (C) and feed through the microphone cabling.
  6. Note: You will need to reuse the rubber flex relief from your old preamp. If the rubber flex relief is unavailable, please contact the Shure Service Department.

  7. Solder the wires directly back onto the circuit board. Match wires as marked on the circuit board using the following key:
  8. R = RED

    B = BLACK


  9. Push the circuit board back into the case, making sure that the set screw (A) is lined up with the screw hole in the side of the case (if the circuit board does not go in all the way, twist it slightly until the screw and hole are aligned). Raise the set screw (A) by turning clockwise so that the preamplifier is held securely in place. Screw on the cap (C). Do not use the set screw with the cap.