General Description

Instrument Mounting Kit for SM11 Dynamic Lavalier Microphone

The Shure Model RK279 provides mounting accessories that enable owners of Shure Model SM11 Omnidirectional Dynamic Lavalier Microphones to use their microphone with a variety of acoustic string and other acoustic instruments. The RK279 is supplied with a shock mount, clip, expansion mount, additional bushings, cloth mounting adapter, and two cable clips. The shock mount and clip are used together for sound hole or other edge mounting. The shock mount and expansion mount are used together for string hole mounting. The cloth adapter is used for string mounting, and the cable clips are used to secure the microphone cable. The RK279 is also supplied with a carrying/storage pouch.

Violins, Violas, and Cellos

To mount the SM11 on a violin, viola or cello, proceed as follows.

Expansion Mount

  1. Slide the shock mount on the expansion mount blade (see Figure 1).
  2. Unscrew the knurled nut on the expansion mount until tension is removed from the rubber bushing below the nut.
  3. Insert the screw head and bushing end of the expansion mount in one of the string holes of the tailpiece. Note that a total of three different bushing sizes (4, 4.37 and 6 mm, or 0.16, 0.17 and 0.24 in. diameter are supplied. If the 4 mm bushing installed on the expansion mount is too small, unscrew the knurled nut and replace the bushing with one of a larger diameter).
  4. Swivel the expansion mount to the approximate desired position and tighten the knurled nut to expand the rubber bushing in the string hole.
  5. Snap the microphone into the shock mount (see Figure 2). Note that the microphone can be swiveled in the shock mount after installation.


Cloth Mounting Adapter

  1. Mount the SM11 on a violin, viola or cello using the cloth mounting adapter by pulling the “loop” strip away from the “hook” strip.
  2. Fasten the adapter (with the elastic microphone band upward) around the instrument strings between the bridge and tailpiece by pressing the “loop” and “hook” strips together.
  3. Insert the SM11 in the elastic band with the microphone grille toward the bridge (see Figure 3).



Acoustic Guitars and Other Instruments

To mount the SM11 on an acoustic guitar (or similar instrument with a wide sound hole), proceed as follows.

  1. Insert the clip blade (see Figure 1) in the slots of the shock mount.
  2. Squeeze the clip to open it, and affix the clip to edge of the guitar sound hole (below the strings).
  3. Note: The clip teeth are cushioned to avoid marring the instrument finish.

    Snap the SM11 into the shock mount and swivel the microphone to the desired position (see Figure 4). Note that the microphone can be positioned on the top surface of the guitar as shown, or placed within the guitar body.

The SM11 can also be used with a number of other musical instruments. For instance, the clip can be affixed the bell of a saxophone, trumpet or trombone. Other uses depend on the availability of edges or surfaces to which the clip can be fastened.


Cable Clips

To hold the microphone cable in place, remove the paper backing from the supplied cable clips, affix the clips to a suitable flat surface, and insert the cable in the clip slot.

Replacement Parts

Expansion Mount 90B2739
Cloth Mounting Adapter 95A961
Shock Mount and Clip 90A3645
Rubber Bushing, 4 mm 66A161
Rubber Bushing, 4.37 mm 66B161
Rubber Bushing, 6 mm 66C161
Cable Clip (each) 80A291
Carrying/Storage Pouch 29A1048