General Description

Models RPM181/C, RPM181/S, RPM181/O, RPM181/BI, RPM181/PRE

The Shure Beta 181 microphone capsules are compatible with the Beta 181 preamplifer handle to make an ultra-compact condenser microphone. These parts are not interchangeable with any other product.

Note: Before each use, make sure the capsule is tightly secured, as vibrations or accidental drumstick hits may loosen it, resulting in signal loss.

BETA181 Cardioid Capsule RPM181/C
BETA181 Supercardioid Capsule RPM181/S
BETA181 Omnidirectional Capsule RPM181/O
BETA181 Bidirectional Capsule RPM181/BI
BETA181 Preamplifier RPM181/PRE