Connector and Strain Relief Assembly

Attach the strain relief tabs to the connector to alleviate tension on the cable and prevent accidental disconnection. Use two relief tabs for the 7-pin connectors.

  1. Slide the connector onto the tracks of the relief tab.
  2. Slide forward until there is an audible click and the connector sits flat on the tab.
  3. Strip and prepare the audio cable.
  4. Insert each wire to the appropriate slot and screw down.
  5. Wrap the zip-tie around the cable and into the relief tab.

To Remove: Gently pull the connector up and slide it backwards to avoid breaking the tab.

Connector Terminals

3-Pin and 7-Pin Connectors

① Audio +

② Audio -

③ Audio ground

④ Logic gate out

⑤ Logic mute in

⑥ Logic override in

⑦ Logic ground

Audio Cable Wiring

Reference the diagram to correctly wire the cable to the connector:

Audio Cable Wiring

Included Parts

Part Number Description Country of Origin Quantity
30F8060C Screws USA 4 4 4
65A8234 Washers USA 4 4 4
80A498 Screwdriver Korea 1 1 1
95B20079 3-Pin Block Connector for Outputs (orange) USA 10 8 4
95B20078 Strain Relief (orange) USA 10 8 4
95A20080 7-Pin Block Connector for Inputs (black) USA 8 0 0
95A20079 3-Pin Block Connector for Inputs (black) USA 1 8 4
95A20078 Strain Relief (black) USA 17 8 4
80A583 Cable Tie USA 27 16 8