General Description

The SM11

The Shure Model SM11 is a miniature dynamic lavalier microphone designed for use in television broadcasting (on camera), for sound reinforcement, in certain radio and motion picture applications, and similar uses where a small, professional-quality microphone is required. The SM11 has an omnidirectional pickup pattern, and its frequency response is optimized for lavalier use. The microphone is supplied with a tie clasp assembly, tie tack assembly, connector belt clip, and zippered carrying/storage bag. An optional kit for mounting the SM11 on various musical instruments is available as Shure Model RK279.


  • Frequency response optimized for lavalier use. Acoustically matches most stand- or desk-mounted microphones
  • Small and lightweight for unobtrusive, virtually unseen operation
  • Smooth exterior and recessed grille screen minimize clothing noise
  • Rugged aluminum case construction
  • Extremely flexible long-life cable
  • Two mounting options-tie clasp or tie tack
  • Convenient, secure belt clip attaches connector to belt or clothing


Tie Clasp Assembly

Insert the SM11 in the tie clasp and anchor the cable as shown. Affix the clasp to a tie, shirt, or blouse. Note that the microphone can be swiveled 360° in its holder for left, right, or vertical ("pen clip") use.

The SM11 clipped to a surface with the tie clasp.

Cable Anchoring

Tie Tack Assembly

Remove the clutch from the tie tack assembly and insert the tie tack holder in the tie (or through the tie and shirt if desired). Affix the clutch to the pin of the tie tack holder. Insert the SM11 in the tie tack holder.

Connector and Belt Clip

With the SM11 installed in one of the assemblies described above, insert the connector in the connector belt clip and fasten the belt clip to the user's belt, waistband or other clothing. Excess microphone cable can be inserted in the user's pocket or tucked into the waistband.



Dynamic (moving coil)

Frequency Response

50 to 15,000 Hz

Polar Pattern


Output Impedance

150  Ω (200  Ω actual)


at 1kHz, open circuit voltage

-64  dBV/Pa (0.60  mV)


Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 with respect to pin 3

Hum Pickup

equivalent SPL in a 1millioersted field

35  dB


Non-detachable, 1.2 m (48 inch), two-conductor, shielded, plastic-covered


Three-pin professional audio (XLR), male


Aluminum with gray enamel finish



7.9  g (0.28  oz.)

[1] 1 Pa = 94 dB SPL

The SM11's frequency response graphed on a chart.

Typical Frequency Response

The dimensions of the SM11 and its cable.

Overall Dimensions

The SM11's wiring diagram

Internal Connections

Architects' Specifications

The microphone shall be a moving–coil (dynamic) type with a frequency response of 50 to 15,000 Hz. The microphone shall have an omnidirectional polar characteristic. The microphone shall be low impedance with a rated impedance of 150 ohms for connection to microphone inputs rated at 19 to 300 ohms. The microphone output shall be –64 dB where 0 dB = 1 milliwatt per 10 microbars.

The microphone shall be a lavalier type, and shall be provided with a 1.2m (48 in.) non–detachable, two–conductor, shielded cable with a professional, three–pin audio connector designed to mate with Cannon XL series, Switchcraft A3 (Q.G.) series or equivalent connectors. The microphone shall also be provided with a tie clasp assembly, tie tack assembly, connector belt clip, and carrying/ storage bag.

The overall dimensions of the microphone shall be 33.5 mm (1 – 5/16 in.) in length and 14.7 mm (9/16 in.) in diameter.

The microphone shall be the Shure Model SM11 or equivalent.


Furnished Accessories

Tie-Clip for SM11 RK203TC
Tie Tack Assembly 90A2384
Belt Clip for SM10, SM11, SM12 and SM14 RK200BC
Carrying/Storage Bag 26A13
Cartridge for SM11, SM17 R99
Cable C91
Instrument Mounting Accessories for SM11 RK279


This product meets the Essential Requirements of all relevant European directives and is eligible for CE marking.

The CE Declaration of Conformity can be obtained from:

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Shure Europe GmbH

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