SM35 Headworn Microphone

The Shure SM35 is a headworn electret condenser microphone, intended for use with a wireless bodypack transmitter in live stage performances.

Wearing the Microphone

  1. Install the windscreen on the microphone boom.
  2. Place the headband around the back of the head, with the boom on the left side.
  3. Place the microphone at the corner of the mouth. To decrease pops and plosives, avoid placing the microphone directly in front of the mouth

Note: Do not store the microphone in damp, enclosed spaces. Allow perspiration to dry completely before storing.

RPM400 Preamplifiers

The RPM400 preamplifiers offer exceptional dynamic range utilizing an active gain circuit in a concise and small package. They are offered in two connector versions: TA4F and LEMO, which allows you to quickly take a wireless TL microphone and make it a wired solution. These preamplifiers require phantom power and can efficiently operate across a wide range of supply voltages from 12-48v.


  • Active circuit design with neutral gain mimics wireless for consistent gain output across wired or wireless applications.
  • High RF immunity against unwanted interference.
  • Short, compact design.
  • Belt clip and table mounting kits for easy placement for a variety of applications.


Note: Testing is based on the use of supplied and recommended cable types. The use of other than shielded (screened) cable types may degrade EMC performance.

The CE Declaration of Conformity can be obtained from:

Authorized European representative:

Shure Europe GmbH

Global Compliance

Jakob-Dieffenbacher-Str. 12

75031 Eppingen, Germany

Phone: +49-7262-92 49 0




Electret Condenser

Frequency Response

40 Hz to 20,000 Hz

Polar Pattern

Unidirectional (Cardioid)

Output Impedance

100 Ω, @ 1 kHz


-57.8 dBV/Pa, @ 1 kHz, 1000 Ω load

Signal-To-Noise Ratio [1]

59.2 dB, @ 1 kHz, 1000 Ω load

Maximum SPL [1]

151.3 dB, 1000 Ω load, @ 1 kHz, 1% THD

Dynamic Range [1]

116.5 dB, @ 1 kHz, 1000 Ω load

Self Noise [1]

34.8 dB SPL-A, 1000 Ω load

Power Requirements

TA4F +5 V DC (nominal) , 10 V maximum (DC bias)
XLR connector 12 to 52 V DC, phantom power


TA4F Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 3 with respect to pin 1
XLR Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 with respect to pin 3


1.1m (45in.)




72 g (2.53 oz.)

[1] Measurements taken using RPM400 preamp

*All specifications measured with a 48 Vdc phantom power supply. The microphone operates at lower voltages, but with slightly decreased headroom and sensitivity.


Furnished Accessories

Replacement Kit with Clip + 2 Snap-Fit Foam Windscreens for SM35 RK378
TA4F/TQG XLR Preamplifier RPM400TQG

Replacement Parts

Black Snap-Fit Foam Windscreens (4) for SM35, BETA98, BETA98A, BETA98/S, BETA98D/S, BETA98H/C, MX183, MX184, MX185, MX202, WH30, WL183, WL184 and WL185 RK183WS