General Description

The Shure UA221 is a bi-directional splitter/combiner which can be used to route the RF signal from a single antenna to two inputs, or to connect two antennas to a single input. The UA221 Antenna Splitter/Combiner Kit includes:

  • (2) Single-input, dual-output passive antenna splitters
  • (4) Coaxial cables
  • (2) BNC male-to-male adapters
  • (2) BNC bulkhead adapters

UA221 splitters are intended for use with Shure Wireless Systems. Use Shure ½-wave or directional antennas and Shure 50 Ω low-loss antenna cables when configuring the wireless system.

Model Frequency Range Pass DC/Block DC
UA221 10-1000 MHz Block
UA221-C-J 10-1000 MHz Pass
UA221Z 1000-2000 MHz Block
UA221Z-C-J 1000-2000 MHz Pass

Installing the UA221 Splitters

Use two UA221 Splitters and the supplied BNC male-to-male adapters and coaxial cables to split the RF signal from a single pair of antennas to the antenna inputs of two receivers.

Note: Antennas must be compatible with the operating frequency range of the receiver.

In this configuration, use UA221 or UA221Z, or ensure the receiver's DC bias is disabled.

When using powered antennas, use UA221-C-J or UA221Z-C-J.


Frequency Range

UA221/UA221-C-J 10 MHz-1000 MHz
UA221Z/UA221Z-C-J 1000 MHz-2000 MHz

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR)



50 Ω


20 dB

Insertion Loss

2 dB (3 dBsplitter loss not included)


64 x 48 x 22 mm (H x W x D)


45.3 g (1.6oz.)


Furnished Accessories

Furnished Parts

0.5 m (2 ft.) Coaxial Antenna Cable (4) UA802
BNC Bulkhead Adapters, lockwasher, nut (2) 95A8647
BNC Male-to-Male Adapter (2) 95A8738