General Description

The Shure Model UA440 Antenna Rack Mount Kit allows the antennas supplied with Shure wireless receivers to be mounted on a standard 19-inch (483 mm) audio equipment rack. Each kit includes:

  • (1) Rack panel
  • (4) No. 10 screws
  • (4) Washers
  • (2) Plugs
  • (4) RF cables
  • (4) Bulkhead adapters

Rack Mounting and Connections


  1. Remove the antennas from each transmitter and receiver in the rack installation and install them on the panel as shown. Place bulkhead plug in any unused holes.
  2. Mount the UA440 rack panel in the equipment rack.
  3. Reconnect the antennas to each transmitter or receiver using the supplied cables.

NOTE: If the rack cabinet has mounting rails at the rear, the UA440 can be mounted at the top of the rack, with the antennas protruding from the rear of the cabinet.