The Shure UA505-RSMA Remote Antenna Mounting Bracket Kit lets you mount an antenna away from the receiver or equipment rack.

NOTE: Antennas and bracket mounting hardware (screws, washers and nuts) are not included in this kit.

Wall bracket dimensions: 84.52 x 63.5 x 77.02 mm (H x W x D)

Included Components

Reverse SMA Bulkhead Adapters, lockwasher, nut 95A32436
Remote Antenna Mounting Bracket Kit UA505-RSMA
6" Reverse SMA Cable 95F31216

Remote Antenna Placement

Follow these guidelines when mounting antennas remotely:

  • Reduce distance between transmitter and antenna.
  • Mount antennas farther from each other to improve performance.
  • Position antennas so there is nothing obstructing the line of sight to the transmitter, including the audience.
  • Keep antennas away from metal objects and any other antennas.
  • Use only low-loss reverse SMA cable to avoid poor RF signal.
    • Consult cable's specifications and calculate signal loss for desired cable run.
  • Use one continuous length of cable from the antenna to the receiver to increase signal reliability.
  • Always perform a walk-around test to verify coverage before using a wireless system during a speech or performance. Experiment with antenna placement to find the optimum location. If necessary, mark any trouble spots and ask presenters or performers to avoid those areas.

Mounting the Bracket

Avoid mounting antennas near Wi-fi access points or other 2.4 GHz devices when possible.

Wall Mount

Microphone Stand Mount