General Description

The Shure UA505 Remote Antenna Mounting Bracket Kit lets you mount a 1/2-wave antenna away from the receiver or equipment rack. This kit includes one mounting bracket, a bulkhead adapter, and bulkhead adapter nut.

NOTE: Antennas and bracket mounting hardware (screws, washers and nuts) are not included in this kit.

Wall bracket dimensions: 4.662" L X 1.25" W X1.662" H

Antenna Placement

  • Place antennas as high as possible and away from metal obstructions.
  • Placing the antenna behind non-metallic curtains or stage flats is acceptable.
  • Keep antennas separated by at least one wave length.
  • Make sure the person using the transmitter can see the receiver antenna at all the times.
  • Use RG-8U or equivalent 50 Ω low-loss cable such as a Shure UA825 or UA850.
  • Do not use 1/4-wave antennas for remote mounting.

Wall Mount

Microphone Stand Mount