UA600 Antenna Rack Mount Kit

The Shure Model UA600 Antenna Rack Mount Kit allows antennas to be installed on the front of a rack-mounted Shure wireless receiver. Each kit includes the following:

(2) Bulkhead adapters 95A8994
(2) 1/2” internal-tooth lockwashers 95X8631
(2) 1/2-28 hex nuts 95W8631
(2) RG-58/U antenna cables UA802


  1. Remove the bulkhead plugs from the front panel.
  2. Install the bulkhead adapters as shown.
  3. Remove the antennas from the back of the unit and reconnect them to the bulkhead adapters on the front.
  4. Use the supplied cables to connect the antenna inputs on the back panel of the receiver to the bulkhead adapters.