General Description

The Shure Model UA844+ is an antenna distribution system that allows for the expansion of wireless microphone systems by splitting one pair of antennas to multiple receivers. It also amplifies RF signals to compensate for insertion loss that results from splitting signal power to multiple outputs. A single UA844+ system can support up to five wireless receivers. A maximum of five UA844+ systems may be used in a two-tiered configuration.

Model Variations

UA844+ Model Variations

UA844+V 174-216 MHz
UA844+SWB 470-960 MHz
UA844+Z16 1240-1260 MHz
UA844+Z17 1492-1525 MHz
UA844+Z18 1785-1805 MHz

Note: Some units include a power switch on the front panel to meet regional regulations.

Front and Rear Panels

① Antenna A Connector

② Power Indicator

③ Power Switch (country dependent)

④ Antenna B Connector

⑤ 15 V dc (2.54 A) power input

⑥ Power Output for receivers. Do not connect to additional distribution systems

⑦ RF Input Antenna B

⑧ Cascade (2)

⑨ RF Output B

⑩ RF Output A

⑪ RF Input Antenna A

Front and rear panels of the UA844 antenna distributor

Installation of the UA844SWB+

Installation and Cable Connections

Connecting Multiple UA844 Systems

  1. Connect the Cascade outputs of the primary UA844 to the A and B antenna inputs of the secondary UA844.
  2. For additional systems, connect remaining A and B RF outputs on the primary UA844 to the A and B antenna inputs of the secondary UA844s.
  3. Connect any available A and B RF outputs on the primary and secondary UA844 units to the antenna inputs of the wireless receivers.


System Components

  • Front-mounting antenna hardware
  • Rack-mounting hardware
  • External power supply
  • (2) 6 ft. BNC cables
  • (4) Non-locking DC power cords (QLXD4, SLX4, BLX4R)
  • (10) 22 in. BNC cables*
  • (4) Locking DC power cords** (ULXD4)

*Model UA844+/LC substitutes (2) 22 in. BNC cables.

**Not included with Model UA844+/LC

Optional Accessories

1/2 Wave Omnidirectional Receiver Antenna for improved wireless signal reception UA8
In-Line RF Amplifier compensates for signal loss over extended cable runs UA834
UA874 Active Directional Antenna for improved wireless signal reception with greater rejection of unwanted signals UA874
1/2 Wave Antenna Remote Mount Kit UA505
Antenna Rack Panel with Cables and BNC Adapters UA440

Note: Be sure to select antennas and accessories that are compatible with the operating frequency range of your wireless system. Contact Shure or your local retailer for help with selecting the right wireless accessories.

Selecting Antenna Cables

Use 50 ohm low-loss coaxial cable, such as RG-8U. Shure offers pre-terminated antenna cables ranging from 6 to 100 feet.

NOTE: When ordering cables from Shure, select the low-loss "Z" models (available for longer cables) when using frequency bands above 1000 MHz.


Power Requirements

14 to 18  V DC

DC Output

14 to 18  V DC (x4)

Output Current

Combined total from all DC outputs

2.5 A, maximum

Operating Temperature Range

-18°C (0°F) to 63°C (145°F)


45 x 483 x 172  mm (H x W x D)

Net Weight

1.62  kg (3.6  lbs)

RF Input

Connector Type


RF Frequency Range

model dependent

174 to 1805 MHz

Bias Voltage

15 V DC (150  mA, maximum) (x2)


50  Ω

RF Output

RF Frequency Range

model dependent

174 to 1805 MHz

Output Intercept Point

21 dBm, typical

Connector Type



50 Ω

Output Connector Isolation

30 dB, typical


Input to any output port (Unused ports terminated in 50 Ω)

-1 to +1 dB


The CE Declaration of Conformity can be obtained from Shure Incorporated or any of its European representatives. For contact information please visit

The CE Declaration of Conformity can be obtained from:

Authorized European representative:

Shure Europe GmbH

Global Compliance

Jakob-Dieffenbacher-Str. 12

75031 Eppingen, Germany

Phone: +49-7262-92 49 0


Important Product Information


Licensing: A ministerial license to operate this equipment may be required in certain areas. Consult your national authority for possible requirements. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Shure Incorporated could void your authority to operate the equipment. Licensing of Shure wireless microphone equipment is the user’s responsibility, and licensability depends on the user’s classification and application, and on the selected frequency. Shure strongly urges the user to contact the appropriate telecommunications authority concerning proper licensing, and before choosing and ordering frequencies.

NOTE: This Radio equipment is intended for use in musical professional entertainment and similar applications. This Radio apparatus may be capable of operating on some frequencies not authorized in your region. Please contact your national authority to obtain information on authorized frequencies and RF power levels for wireless microphone products.