UABIAST In-line Power Supply

The Shure UABIAST is an in-line adapter that provides 12V DC Bias power to an active antenna or in-line accessory when a receiver's antenna input jack does not provide the necessary power. The UABIAST receives power from a wall outlet using a Shure PS24 power supply, and passes the RF signal while supplying power to an active antenna or other in-line device. It is capable of supplying power to three in-line amplifiers (Shure UA834), or two in-line amplifiers and one active antenna (Shure UA874).

Note: For cable runs exceeding 25 feet (7.6 meters), an in-line amplifier (Shure UA834) may be required to compensate for signal loss.

Connecting to a Device

Using Shure 50 Ohm BNC-BNC coaxial cables is recommended when making connections.

  1. Connect the active device that requires DC power into the UABIAST input (marked "RF + DC").
  2. Connect the UABIAST output (marked "RF only") to the antenna input of the wireless receiver.
  3. Plug in a power adapter (Shure PS24) to the DC power input.
  4. The green LED illuminates to verify the 12VDC is active.


Frequency Range

1002000 MHz

Maximum Input Power

12.4 V DC, 400 mA

+3 dB+10 dB

Insertion Loss

<1 dB

Connector Type

BNC, Female


50 Ω

Bias Voltage

12 V DC


25 x 67 x 49 mm (H x W x D)

Net Weight

49 g (1.73 oz.)

Operating Temperature Range

−7°C (45°F) to 38°C (100°F)