General Description

The Shure UAPF-X1 attenuates frequencies outside the X1 band. Use only with Shure X1 band wireless products. Requires remote mounting of antennas.


  • Filters out extraneous RF signals
  • Integrated threaded adapter mounts easily to microphone stands or the supplied surface-mount bracket
  • Passively passes power (12Vdc) for use with UA870 active antenna
  • Shure quality, ruggedness, and reliability


  1. Attach the antenna to either end—the filter functions in both directions.
  2. Use low-loss coaxial cable (sold separately) to connect to the receiver (or antenna distribution system), as shown.
  3. Note: The UAPF should be placed before any inline amplifier, such as the Shure UA830.

Cable Maintenance

To maintain top performance for UA825, UA850 or UA8100 antenna cables:

  • Avoid sharp bends or kinks in the cables.
  • Do not deform cables with makeshift clamps, such as bending a nail over the cable.
  • Do not use in permanent outdoor installations.
  • Do not expose to extreme moisture.

Caution: Use only Shure antenna accessories to ensure the best operation. Do not use splitters, combiners, or antennas that provide a DC ground. If necessary, use a BNC DC block device, such as the JFW Industries Model 50DB-002.

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Antenna Placement

Use the following guidelines when mounting antennas:

  • Antennas and receivers must be from the same band.
  • Mount antennas at least one wavelength (two feet) apart.
  • Position antennas so there is nothing obstructing a line of sight to the transmitter (including the audience).
  • Keep antennas away from large metal objects.

Important: Important: Always perform a “walk around” test to verify coverage before using a wireless system during a speech or performance. Experiment with antenna placement to find the optimum location. If necessary, mark “trouble spots” and ask presenters or performers to avoid those areas.


RF Frequency Range

3 dB 36 MHz
20 dB 49 MHz

Stop-Band Attenuation

>30 dB  dB (32 to 36 dB, typical)

Insertion Loss

3.25 dB, typical

VSWR in Passband

Input and output: 2.0, typical


Input and output: Female, BNC-type


Aluminum die-casting, black painted


Without Mounting Stand: 67  mm x 32  mm x 112  mm (H x W x D)
With Mounting Stand: 108  mm x 32  mm x 112  mm (H x W x D)

Net Weight

Without Mounting Stand: 0.28 kg (9.8  oz.)
With Mounting Stand: 0.42 kg (14.8  oz.)