Setting Up Your First Room

Some Stem Ecosystem Devices, such as Wall and Table, can be used standalone in a room via USB connectivity. However, most customers are deploying multiple Stem Ecosystem Platform devices into their AV systems, which requires a Hub or Hub Express.

To set up Wall or Table standalone, follow Step 1 to provide power to the unit via PoE+, then connect the device to the room computer using the included USB cable.

To set up multiple Stem devices (using firmware v2.7 or later), use the following steps:

① Connect all Stem devices

  • Locate the RJ45 network connector on the Stem devices.
  • Use the included network cable to connect all devices to a network port that provides power (PoE+).
  • Locate the USB port on the Hub or Hub Express.
  • Use the included USB cable to connect the Hub or Hub Express to the PC or conferencing device hosting the codec.

② Wait for your devices to fully boot up

  • When Speaker, Wall and Table are fully booted, you will hear an audible chime.
  • When Ceiling, Hub, and Hub Express are fully booted, you will see a solid blue light.

③ Access the Stem Ecosystem Platform

Depending on the network configuration and the Stem devices on hand, you can connect to the Stem Ecosystem Platform using a web browser, iOS app, Android app, or the Stem Control touch panel.

  • Access the Stem Ecosystem Platform via web browser with Speaker, Table, or Wall:
    • Simultaneously press the [+] and [-] volume buttons on Speaker, Table, or Wall for 5 seconds. An audio prompt will speak the device IP address.
    • Connect a computer to the same network as the Stem Ecosystem devices.
    • Type this IP address on a web browser on the computer to access the Stem ecosystem software.
    • Proceed to Step 4.
  • Access the Stem Ecosystem Platform via Stem Control touch panel (requires a network with DHCP server):
    • Plug in your Stem Control unit, following the instructions in Step 1.
    • After Control powers On, proceed to Step 4.
  • Access the Stem Ecosystem Platform via iOS or Android Apps (requires wireless network access):
    • The Stem apps are available for tablet devices running Android or iOS and can be downloaded from the respective App stores.
    • Once downloaded, connect the device via Wi-Fi to the same network as the Stem devices, and launch the app to access the setup.
    • Proceed to Step 4.
  • Access the Stem Ecosystem Platform via web browser:
    • If no Speaker, Table or Wall are available, or if the Vol [+] and [-] buttons are not accessible, download and install the Stem Upgrader app from the Microsoft Store.
    • Connect the computer to the same network as the Stem devices.
    • Run Stem Upgrader application. Note the IP address for any of the Stem devices.
    • Type the IP address into the web browser on the same computer to access the Stem Ecosystem Platform software.
    • Proceed to Step 4.

④ Create an Organization

You can manage all Stem devices on the network by connecting to any one of them. After completing Step 3, the Stem Ecosystem Platform should be displayed on your device.

  • Select your language, if other than English
    • Click on the “English” button on the top right corner of the screen.
    • Click on your language.
  • All new devices, or devices that were factory reset, will prompt with a message asking if you want to add it to an Organization. This can add an additional layer of security by keeping your rooms and devices password protected to prevent unauthorized access to your Stem Ecosystem.
    • Click YES and follow the on-screen prompts.
    • If the device being setup is the first Stem device on the network, the setup software will prompt you to create a new Organization.
    • Follow the on-screen prompts to create a new Organization.
    • Note your password as you will need it whenever accessing the device’s settings in the future. All devices in the Organization will share the same password.

      Note: If you forget your Organization password, contact Stem Customer Happiness.

⑤ Add all devices to your Organization

You must add all Stem Ecosystem Devices on the network to the Organization to be able to use them. To add devices to the Organization:

⑥ Create a Room

Now that all your devices have joined your Organization, you can create a room. This allows your devices to work in unison as a single audio endpoint. To create a room:

  • Go to Ecosystem > Add Room.
  • To name your room, click "Edit" icon.
  • Once you've renamed your room, click Add Devices and select all of the devices you want to add.
  • To confirm your selection, click "Checkmark" icon.
All devices added to a room will work as one system in within that room. Return to Step 4 to setup additional rooms.

Additional Features (optional)


  • Once your room is created and devices are assigned, run RoomAdapt.
  • Each device sends out an audio signal that will help them analyze the room’s acoustics. Devices automatically self-calibrate for optimal performance based on their placement in the room.
  • To run RoomAdapt:
    • Go to Ecosystem > Rooms and select the room you want to adapt.
    • Click "RoomAdapt" icon in the room's function menu.

    Note: Make sure devices are set up in their desired locations before running RoomAdapt, and make sure to run it again any time a device is moved to a new location.


  • After running RoomAdapt, you can use RoomCheck, a 5-second test that analyzes the clarity of your voice from anywhere in the room.
  • To run RoomCheck:
    • Go to Ecosystem > Rooms and select the room you want to check.
    • Select Edit Layout by the room's design. If there is no RoomDesign created, add the room's design and drag-and-drop the devices into the room. Make sure the devices in the design are placed in the same physical location as they are in the room.
    • With somebody in the room, click "RoomCheck" icon and ask them to speak for 5 seconds.
    • Once the recording is complete, a color-coordinated heatmap highlighting the audio quality for different areas in the room appears.
    • If your heatmap shows inadequate coverage, you can check the room again, or consider moving your devices for better audio pickup.

Test your Stem Room setup

  • Connect your Stem device to your PC using the provided USB-A to USB-B cable.
  • When using more than one Stem device in your room, you must use a Stem Hub or Stem Hub Express. The USB connection will be between the Hub and computer.
  • Using your preferred conferencing software, start a test call. The Stem Customer Happiness team is available to help carry out your test call, and to answer any other questions you may have.

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