General Description

The Shure TwinPlex subminiature omnidirectional lavaliers are designed to perform better than other 5 mm lavalier microphones for professional theater, film, tv, and corporate events. The TwinPlex dual-diaphragm technology yields extraordinary gain-before-feedback, off-axis response, and low self-noise while delivering life-like, exceptional clarity free of digital interference. The cable itself is ultra quiet and has been tested to be the longest-lasting, most dependable cable in its class. The TwinPlex series features the most extensive accessories and connector options to date. TwinPlex 5 mm lavs not only meet premium market-leading expectations, they exceed them.


  • Exceptional sound quality from the all new TwinPlex dual-diaphragm element
    • Robust low frequency response with flat top end
    • Best in class specifications and dynamic range
    • Consistent off axis response results in increased gain before feedback
  • Durability beyond the competition
    • Exclusive, double helix cable technology with redundant grounding
    • Nanocoated frequency caps for reduced sweat out
  • Comprehensive accessories and microphone offerings
    • Over 60 color, sensitivity, frequency response, and connector options available
    • All new clips, mounts, and accessories designed on extended research and field testing
  • High RF immunity for use with today's digital wireless systems.
  • Paintable cables allow for discreet placement in professional theater applications.
  • Interchangeable frequency response caps offer adjustable flat or presence responses.

Model Variations

Shure TwinPlex lavaliers are available in a variety of connector and sensitivity levels.

Model Sound Sensitivity Connector Cable Type
TL45 series Natural Low LEMO 1.1mm (Paintable)
TL46 series Natural High LEMO, MTQG 1.6mm (Paintable)
TL47 series Natural Low LEMO, MDOT, MTQG, XLR, NC 1.6mm (Paintable)
TL48 series Speech Low LEMO, MDOT, MTQG, NC 1.6mm (Paintable)

Model Variations key

Note: Not all model variations are available. Refer to for the most up to date offerings.

Care and Maintenance

The TwinPlex lavalier dual-diaphragm has a nanocoating which rejects the build-up of grit from sweat and water. It is designed to withstand being blown out with a can of air for quick clean-up.

Adjusting the Headband and Microphone

➀ Adjust headband width

➁ Adjust the earhooks

➂ Unscrew the clutch to adjust boom height and length

➃ Bend lavalier into place. Adjust position

➄ Select presence or speech cap

⑥ Lavalier can be used on either side

Reversing the Boom

The microphone boom may be reinstalled to position it on the left or right side of the head.

  • Carefully detach the boom holder ①, logo pad ②, and microphone cable ③ from the headband.
  • Reattach the boom holder to the opposite side of the wire frame ④.
  • Reattach the logo pad ⑤ and microphone cable ⑥.

Attaching the Windscreen

Visit for information on the entire line of TwinPlex lavaliers.

Lavalier Distance


Replacement Parts

Component Black Tan
1 Foam Windscreen (5 pieces) RPM304 RPM306
Snap-fit Foam Windscreen (4 pieces) RPM316 RPM318
2 TH53 Lavalier
3 Microphone/Boom Assembly with TA4F Connector (1 piece) RPM132, RPM646 RPM134, RPM648
4 Swiveling Lapel Clip (5 pieces) RPM510 RPM512
5 Boom Holder and Logo Pad (2 each) RPM570 RPM580
6 4-Pin Mini Connector (TA4F) (1 piece) WA333
7 In-Line Preamp (1 piece) RPM627

Threaded Mount Instructions


All specification values are based on using a typical bodypack with 5 V bias input or the RPM400MTQG preamplifier. When using the RPM400LEMO amplifier, refer to the RPM400LEMO specifications.[1]

Microphone Capsule

Dual-Diaphragm, Prepolarized Condenser

Polar Pattern


Frequency Response

20 Hz to 20 kHz


-45.0 dBV (5.62 mV) at 1 kHz[2]

Self-Noise, A-Weighted, Equivalent Acoustical

24.5 dB SPL-A

Signal-To-Noise Ratio[3]

69.5 dB

Output Clipping Level

3.0 dBV,1 kHz at 1% THD, typical

Maximum SPL[4]

142.0 dB SPL,1 kHz at 1% THD, typical

Dynamic Range

117.5 dB typical

Microphone Current Draw

120 to 240 µA, typical

Bias Voltage

Recommended Operating Voltage

5 V DC


Molded ABS


MTQG, XLR connector Positive pressure at diaphragm leads to positive voltage with respect to ground
LEMO, NC, MDOT Positive pressure at diaphragm leads to negative voltage with respect to ground

Cable Diameter

1.6 mm

Cable Length

MTQG, LEMO, MDOT 66 in. (1.67 m)
NC, XLR connector 96 in. (2.43 m)

Net Weight

with cable

12.0 g (0.42 oz.)

[1]All specifications measured with a 48 Vdc phantom power supply. The microphone operates at lower voltages, but with slightly decreased headroom and sensitivity.

[2] 1 Pa=94 dB SPL

[3]S/N ratio is the difference between 94 dB SPL and equivalent SPL of self noise, A-weighted

[4]THD of microphone preamplifier when applied input signal level is equivalent to cartridge output at specified SPL


Cable Length Cable Diameter Microphone Length Microphone Diameter
TH53-MTQG, TH53-MDOT, TH53-LEMO 66 in. (1.67M) 1.6MM 19MM 5.3MM
TH53-XLR, TH53-NC 96 in. (2.43M) 1.6MM 19MM 5.3MM

Frequency Response


This product meets the Essential Requirements of all relevant European directives and is eligible for CE marking.

The CE Declaration of Conformity can be obtained from:

Authorized European representative:

Shure Europe GmbH

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